The first truly new drive-thru system since the 1970s. 

The TransTrax® uses the field proven reliability of a positive drive tape system. Because of this technology the product only requires four moving components and all controls are solid state. As a result annual maintenance and downtime are significantly reduced making the TransTrax® the most cost effective product in its class averaging less than one service call per lane annually.

Because of the tape drive medium and the non-contact sensors used to position the TransTrax®, this system offers enhanced customer convenience by featuring optional CAR and TRUCK/VAN delivery heights. At the touch of a button the teller can deliver the carrier to one of two pre-determined heights. If there is ever a power failure, with the TransTrax, the customer’s transaction is accessible anywhere along its route.

The TransTrax® includes a built-in application specific full duplex audio system which is expandable for multi-lane use.

There are no hidden costs associated with the TransTrax®. Unlike most other systems a single 110-volt 20 AMP circuit positioned on the interior vertical power the TransTrax®. There is no need to run power to the canopy or island, which saves considerably on installation. If carriers are lost or damaged, they are very inexpensive to replace, normally less than ten dollars. 

The TransTrax® is a UL Listed product and comes with a three-year warranty.