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The 1510A Hub configuration can be easily upgraded with additional Counter Cards or Lane Cards.
  • Performs all voice and video signal routing functions for multi-lane systems
  • Accommodates audio-video and/or audio-only Counter and Lane Stations
  • Typically located in telephone closet or under a counter
  • System settings are stored on a removable media card (proprietary format) for security or replication purposes
  • Capacity easily expanded
  • Tough steel enclosure containing Counter, Lane, and System cards designed to be wall-mounted
  • Inputs allow multimedia source devices to play advertising content whenever the lane is idle
  • Direct outputs from wide angle camera and/or lane cameras for surveillance recording

FAQ - About the new style Hub
  • Q: What is different?
    The electronics are exactly the same, and the new hub and cards are completely compatible with existing systems. The only thing we changed is the metal face plates on each hub card. They are now powder-coated steel, not aluminum.

  • Q: Why did you change the face plates to steel?
    The new steel face plates allow better access to the RJ-45 plugs, and they make it easier to remove the SD card. 

  • Q: When will the new hubs be available?
    A: They will appear on the December 2016 price list, and begin shipping in December.

  • Q: What if I need to replace existing cards in the field?
    A: A quantity of the legacy cards will be available for service, while supplies last.

  • Q: Can I mix both styles on the same Hub card cage?
    A: Yes. You may mix old and new cards, since the new cards are physically and electrically compatible with existing hubs. 

  • Q: Can I swap faceplates in the field? 
    A: Yes, it is easy to remove the old faceplate from a bad hub card and install it on the replacement hub card to maintain a consistent appearance.